Thursday, March 30, 2006



So count me in. I want to blog too. As an avid blog reader (I allow myself 2 a day, thank you very much!) I've decided that maybe it would be good for me to have an outlet as I quit my job (June 23rd) and begin a weird summer of job-searching (if you don't know I've started school at GMU to become a ESOL teacher) and class-taking. I'm also looking forward to meeting the Dr. and Mrs. (aka, N's folks) and having her meet my Dad and brother. N and I have also discussed moving all of our stuff into the same space at the end of the summer. Big move, dudes and dudettes.

Partially I'm doing this so I remember this part of my life as it is- because really, it's amazing. Partially I'm doing this to make sense of the transitions to myself. The rest is just the need for an outlet. So, onward rambling and adventuring I go!

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