Wednesday, August 30, 2006



N and I took a little last minute anniversary trip to Rehoboth this past weekend.

We camped at the Delaware State Seashore Park (which is hard to find after sunset, let me tell you! N and I made it to Ocean City before we turned around). Which was a tad bit, um, how to say this politely? Um, well, here, I'll just describe it with 3 mini-experiences:

1. The RV closest to us was a Jagermiester RV
2. We woke up our last morning the the 10 year old in the campsite next to us yelling at his brother "I'm not a gay cracker! You're a gay cracker!"
3. The dumpster caught on fire. This was very exciting.

Anyhow we had a great Saturday (cloudy but do-able) at Dyke Beach. I tried to get into the water a bit but it was really wild- too bad but that's ok.We had dinner at a place called Claws. N had the crab cakes but I took the adventurous route and had the whole crabs. In their shells. Dumped in front of me. It was a lot of work. N, once again proved to be the smarter of the two of us : ) She also could have used a shield, as malleting those little suckers is not a neat job. Now I'm a real Chesapeake girl, right? Sunday we outlet shopped and came home. It was a great little getaway. We needed it.

N, I love you. Thank you for your sweetness, your love, your openess. It's been a rough month getting our home together for the first time but I think we've finally gotten it. : ) Thank you for never calling me a gay cracker. Well, except that once....

This photograph was taken by Michelle Frankfurter at the Jewbian Picnic


Missing soccer games

for a good reason (see above post)

However, here's a picture of my favorite giant.

Thanks for the image, as always US Soccer!

#1- If I was as close to Abby as those girls in the background I'd be a little more excited. Could they be anymore bored. Lord girls! Get roudy!

#2- Really, how dopey does Abby look? I'd love to photo shop a tutu and leotard on her. But that would be just.wrong.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


some dudes least favorite bars in DC

I thought this was pretty well written actually...

The Barbaro Memorial DC Worst Bets


laughing hysterically (and having to catch up!)

So many adventures in the last few weeks. the highlights include:
-no job yet (waiting for "midyear vacancies" begining Sept. 1)
-visit to N's family on Cape Cod (including Tofu and beautiful blue sea at PTown)
(more on this later, I promise)
-The Rittenhouse House "defects" list
-Restaurant (Ceiba- yummy. I had the seafood soup. This is not a surprise. If there's one on the menu I'm eating it.)

And for the laughing hysterically... If you know what this photo represents, you can be friends with David (who plays bassoon with my symphonic band, who doesn't want to be friends with a bassoonist?!?!). He's cute (and single boys!!!)

Friday, August 04, 2006


inventing tasty drinks

gin and pomegranate soda. a little lime. yum. perfect for 100+ degree days.

Shabat Shalom

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