Monday, July 31, 2006


hearing music I like

I love music- mainly (contemporary) folk and new/bluegrass type stuff. I also like a bunch of my mom's music (older folk types, well known like James Taylor and lesser known like Steve Goodman) and some classical. Though I'm picky about music (shocking, I know) and bad about remembering names of artists and songs there is some country and some rap that I like a lot. I can sometimes singalong at the grocery store, but rarely do I like the sort of music played.

Yesterday however, something cool happened. N and I were walking out of Target and I heard a familiar guitar opening. I stop dead in my tracks and sing "Again I'm squinting, my demons are back and they're so convincing..." SAM SHABER. At Target. It was exciting. I danced and sang the whole way out. I wonder how she ended up on the mix... I know that song (Eldorado) is the single that she was trying to sell... I'll have to look into it


my monday morning

wake up early
unpack some clothing
see my girl off (a kiss at the door, how domestic!)
wash the cat bowls. pet cats.
feed pig.
read washington post magazine
unpack 2 boxes (really, i plan to)
go to old place and drop off keys (good riddance to the old place!)
come home
set up grill
install cabinet locks (so the babies, i mean the cats, don't live in there with the garbage)
unpack, unpack, repeat...

We're here! It's great! We've met our neighbors! We went to Target! A little scary, but good so far. And the house is just, just, well, just ours : ) and perfect : )

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Learning about the urinary health of pet guinea pigs

Oxbow Pet Products is proud to announce sponsorship of a 2 year study at UC Davis, which began Aug. 2004, to investigate risk factors and mineral composition of urinary tract calculi in guinea pigs

Good for them. Piglioni will be watching carefully. She loves Oxbow Hay.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Being a fan

U.S. Beats Ireland 5-0 (and last week played a crazy game vs. Sweden and won that too)

I'm a women's soccer super fan. Love it. Love the US Women's National Team, loved the WUSA even more (come back soon please). Just was looking over this blog and noting that there has been, to this point, no mention of the USWNT- what a pity. Though I suppose their first domestic match of the year was last week (and we were in Wisconsin watching it with my folks) and the second game was yesterday (used it as a bribe to do a lot of packing) so I'm not too far behind.

Just wanted to share some soccer goodness with the blog. US Soccer gave us the beauty above.

Favorite Moment: Chulpney's beautiful bending ball in front of the goal that allowed Wambach to do what we all love to see her do- hit it hard on her head into the back of the net. A thing of beauty.

Least Favorite Moment: O'Reilly's nervousness which I believe costed her some goals. She needs to look up and see the goal before she shoots. But she was trying!

Player Most Missed: Lilly or Boxx, it's a toss up.

Times Wagner mentioned sticking her head into a bucket of beer: 0 (but once last game)

Times my girlfriend was jealous of my drooling over Captain Wambach: 1,2, maybe? Fewer than expected. : )

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Moving out. and in (together)

So we're moving. Right now N is packing her first box (books, of course) and I think (know) how hard this is for her. It makes me sad to see her upset even though I know that she wants this as much as I do. This place has been her home, one she's owned, and come into her own in. Three years is a long time and I know that it's a place that holds a lot of meaning for her. She's so proud of it.

It would make it easier if there was a tenant, but the rental market is so friggin fickle that these kids waltz in, fill out the application and then procede stall as soon as N makes an offer. They stall and then they take another, meaning that by the time N can make a offer to a second set of folk, those folks have found other options too. It's taking a lot out of my girl and I know things will be better as soon as she finds a tenant. It's an awfully cute place- full of cuteness and special little details. Anyone in the market for a Columbia Heights Condo?? : )

As for our new place (emphasis on the our part!)- it's too cute. Just the house that we wanted. It's 2 bedrooms plus a tiny little office and finished basement. It has a nice porch in the front and a huge deck out back. The front garden has room for some flowers but won't take too much effort to keep it looking good. I'm going to buy a little hand mower. There's a japanese maple in the front that is awfully pretty. The back has a driveway (and garage, ohhh, perfect for the cars we don't have!) and room enough for a little (very little!) vegetable garden I'll plant next year and a small compost pile. It's all very exciting. Especially because it'll be our first place.

How do I feel leaving my place? I'm a big picture thinker so I started turning off my heart and head towards my place months ago. I think I'd rather make the transition long and drawn out (meaning I feel homeless for a while) than to suddenly realize I need to separate myself and pack in a day or a few hours. So yeah, I feel homeless right now. And going to Wisconsin to see the folks last week didn't help.

But that's for another post.

This has been a long month- classes (I'm done!) looking for a place to live (ditto!) trying to help N show her place (ongoing) visiting the folks and looking for work (I had an interview yesterday! yippee!).

But next week we move into our. own. house! YIPPEE!!!

Oh. yeah. The cats. They're gonna flip.

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