Monday, June 26, 2006



Girlyman has a new blog! I love Girlyman...
And not only because Ty is a babe and a fellow Jewbian. Maybe we can ask her to write our theme song...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Happy Pride from N and I

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


A New(ish) Family Member

Cousins Emily (the mommy) and Jakob (the baby)
oh man is he cute. and mommy's looking good too.

and the next pic... he obviously takes after my homey brother... : )

Friday, June 02, 2006



My sleeping pose

and yes, I do like 10 hours of sleep at night 10:30-8:30 please!

I am a seatbelt!
Find your own pose!


Being a know-it-all. And a foodie. Who schleps.

Todays Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day.

This is the best one since schlep. I mean how much do I love this word-a-day service. And that they have rockin' cool words. Like schlep. And foodie

foodie \FOO-dee\ noun

: a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads

Example sentence:
A serious foodie, JT reads cookbooks like novels and scours specialty shops in search of exotic ingredients. She also gazes lovingly, while on the bus, not at the Washington Post, but at spice catalogues and seed buying guides. (true. today. yesterday too, actually)

Did you know?
"Foodie" is a relatively recent addition to our language (dating from the early 1980s), but it derives from a much older word, "food," which has been with us for as long as there has been anything that could be called English. "Food" can be traced back through Middle English to the Old English form "fōda," which is itself related to Old High German "fuotar," meaning "food" or "fodder," and Latin "panis," meaning "bread." "Panis" is the source for "empanada," a Spanish turnover with a sweet filling, "panatela," a type of cigar, "panettone," an Italian bread containing raisins and candied fruit, and "pantry," a room used for the storage of provisions.

No, I actually didn't know M-W! How nice of you to give me more trivia to fill up my head so I don't remember my 7s times table but I do know a lot of (useful, I swear!) trivia.

Yay for Foodie. And schlep.


Being an armchair activist OR Call-in Days for Justice

1,500 Reasons Why We Need Marriage Equality

Monday- call your elected officials and tell them to vote no on the Marriage Protection Act. Remember to tell them you'll be calling about tomorrow
For more information try those silly schmoes at HRC

Tuesday- call your elected officials back. If I had two senators (or even one!) I'd plan on saying "Hey, Mrs./Mr. Senator! This is JT from yesterday. I just wanted to tell you to vote NO on tax breaks (all of them!) for millionaires and billionaires! With a trillion (omg, a trillion?!?) dollars you could feed a lot of people, fix schools up, give teachers raises, secure social security (interesting thought, eh?), pay for an unjust war................" (see my post a while on government priorities)For more information try the National Women's Law Center

Wednesday- I'm sure we'll call about SOMETHING... Oh yeah, call the EPA and tell them to stop pressuring scientists to allow dangerous pesticides. For more information (and these guys are ALWAYS calling-in or sending emails) go to the United Farm Workers (UFW) site. While you're at it, sign some petitions, help unionize a farm. Then you can drink your wine without being worried about the folks who picked the grapes.

There you go, wine, once again wins. Oh the work of being an armchair activist!!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Changing the Subject

totally borrowed this from Jest and Dyke One at

Try it yourself- go to good and type your name followed by needs. It's silly.


JT needs to sing more
jt needs to brush his hair. he looks like a geek.
JT Needs Other Markers
JT needs places in the community where he is a "regular."
JT needs to get a tattoo in NYC
JT needs that love in a bad way
JT needs to get his ass back to Boston so we can run around singing Rilo Kiley together!
JT needs to stop putting negative thoughts in our minds like that
JT needs to take care of some stuff - but gives her a hug
JT Needs a Shave.
JT needs to explain his theory a little bit better because I am not understanding the point.
JT needs a really hott chick
JT needs a haircut
JT needs something to distort, sensationalize, and lie about
JT needs help and R&B and the guys need to quit doing this stuff to him
JT needs someone that won't hurt him and Darcy is Perfect!
JT needs a replacement for the public appearances position - I’d love the job.
And a few for N, just 'cause. And I took out the one that recommended that N needs to be bitch slapped. Even though it was funny. Because N wouldn't find it humorous. It's ok love. You don't really need to be bitchslapped.

N needs to stay current on the hot issues, trends and the day-to-day happenings in museums across the world

N needs to stay the hell away from those The Ring movies because they're starting to mess with her head. Mine, too. That sequel was horrible.

N needs to lay off the botox


Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Well, today is as good a day as any to come out of my miniblog hiatus.

Why am I Blogging for LGBT Families today?

I am for traditional family values. Love, fidelity, honesty, faith. I am for traditions. I'd love to have a wife, kids, a house, a vegetable garden, big family holidays, and a dog. I'll pay my taxes, volunteer, serve on juries, spend summer weekends on the beach. I may consider taking time off of work to be a stay at home mom. At least for a little while. I'll gripe about my inlaws, get stressed out because of money (or the lack there of), scrimp and save so my kids can go to whatever college they want to. I'll belong to a synogogue and cry when my kids go off to kindergarden, become bar and bat mitzvahs, go to college and get married. We'll light candles most shabbats and I'll cut up oranges for the kids soccer games. My wife and I will enjoy each other, make each other laugh, hold eachother when we cry, grow old together. We'll spoil the grandkids. We'll have lots of hard times. There will be sadness and loss. There will be fear. But there will also be fireflies and moments of clarity and peace.

Thinking about these things and desiring these things are easy. But I know it'll be different for me than for my parents and my straight friends. My someday family can not take lightly what others take for granted. Like relationships, wife and wife and mothers (particularly non-biological or non-1st parent adoptive), like knowing that we need to have specific legal bits of paper to allow us equal access to each other in the hospital. About paying more taxes on everything from health care to homes. What should we do as advocats? What can we do in this environment? Will democrats be our salvation? (I tend to think not).

In the movies, love overcomes. But in this case love just makes things harder and makes it more obvious what inequity we're dealing with in this country. N has made me more aware in many ways- she gives me glipses of our future together and with that comes the typical unknown of new love but also the unknown that can be changed by the winds of congress for the better or for worse. I'm not sure that's what the wedding vows speak about but that's what I think of when I hear of gay folk legally getting married in Massachusetts, and when they briefly we able to in California, Oregon and upstate NY.

This turned into a bit of a downer blog. Sorry all. Let's try a little harder.

I'm in love with this beautiful, smart, funny, silly, caring woman known to this blog as N. We've started looking at houses for our family. Pretty easy for now. Just me, my girl, her two cats and my guinea pig. And my houseplants. Here I am blogging for us. And our future together. And fairness. And for real marriage laws. Because we can't only fight bread, we must fight for the roses too. And N and our dreams certainly are my favorite blossoms.

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