Friday, June 02, 2006


Being an armchair activist OR Call-in Days for Justice

1,500 Reasons Why We Need Marriage Equality

Monday- call your elected officials and tell them to vote no on the Marriage Protection Act. Remember to tell them you'll be calling about tomorrow
For more information try those silly schmoes at HRC

Tuesday- call your elected officials back. If I had two senators (or even one!) I'd plan on saying "Hey, Mrs./Mr. Senator! This is JT from yesterday. I just wanted to tell you to vote NO on tax breaks (all of them!) for millionaires and billionaires! With a trillion (omg, a trillion?!?) dollars you could feed a lot of people, fix schools up, give teachers raises, secure social security (interesting thought, eh?), pay for an unjust war................" (see my post a while on government priorities)For more information try the National Women's Law Center

Wednesday- I'm sure we'll call about SOMETHING... Oh yeah, call the EPA and tell them to stop pressuring scientists to allow dangerous pesticides. For more information (and these guys are ALWAYS calling-in or sending emails) go to the United Farm Workers (UFW) site. While you're at it, sign some petitions, help unionize a farm. Then you can drink your wine without being worried about the folks who picked the grapes.

There you go, wine, once again wins. Oh the work of being an armchair activist!!!!

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