Friday, June 02, 2006


Being a know-it-all. And a foodie. Who schleps.

Todays Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day.

This is the best one since schlep. I mean how much do I love this word-a-day service. And that they have rockin' cool words. Like schlep. And foodie

foodie \FOO-dee\ noun

: a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads

Example sentence:
A serious foodie, JT reads cookbooks like novels and scours specialty shops in search of exotic ingredients. She also gazes lovingly, while on the bus, not at the Washington Post, but at spice catalogues and seed buying guides. (true. today. yesterday too, actually)

Did you know?
"Foodie" is a relatively recent addition to our language (dating from the early 1980s), but it derives from a much older word, "food," which has been with us for as long as there has been anything that could be called English. "Food" can be traced back through Middle English to the Old English form "f┼Źda," which is itself related to Old High German "fuotar," meaning "food" or "fodder," and Latin "panis," meaning "bread." "Panis" is the source for "empanada," a Spanish turnover with a sweet filling, "panatela," a type of cigar, "panettone," an Italian bread containing raisins and candied fruit, and "pantry," a room used for the storage of provisions.

No, I actually didn't know M-W! How nice of you to give me more trivia to fill up my head so I don't remember my 7s times table but I do know a lot of (useful, I swear!) trivia.

Yay for Foodie. And schlep.

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