Thursday, June 01, 2006


Changing the Subject

totally borrowed this from Jest and Dyke One at

Try it yourself- go to good and type your name followed by needs. It's silly.


JT needs to sing more
jt needs to brush his hair. he looks like a geek.
JT Needs Other Markers
JT needs places in the community where he is a "regular."
JT needs to get a tattoo in NYC
JT needs that love in a bad way
JT needs to get his ass back to Boston so we can run around singing Rilo Kiley together!
JT needs to stop putting negative thoughts in our minds like that
JT needs to take care of some stuff - but gives her a hug
JT Needs a Shave.
JT needs to explain his theory a little bit better because I am not understanding the point.
JT needs a really hott chick
JT needs a haircut
JT needs something to distort, sensationalize, and lie about
JT needs help and R&B and the guys need to quit doing this stuff to him
JT needs someone that won't hurt him and Darcy is Perfect!
JT needs a replacement for the public appearances position - I’d love the job.
And a few for N, just 'cause. And I took out the one that recommended that N needs to be bitch slapped. Even though it was funny. Because N wouldn't find it humorous. It's ok love. You don't really need to be bitchslapped.

N needs to stay current on the hot issues, trends and the day-to-day happenings in museums across the world

N needs to stay the hell away from those The Ring movies because they're starting to mess with her head. Mine, too. That sequel was horrible.

N needs to lay off the botox

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