Monday, July 24, 2006


Being a fan

U.S. Beats Ireland 5-0 (and last week played a crazy game vs. Sweden and won that too)

I'm a women's soccer super fan. Love it. Love the US Women's National Team, loved the WUSA even more (come back soon please). Just was looking over this blog and noting that there has been, to this point, no mention of the USWNT- what a pity. Though I suppose their first domestic match of the year was last week (and we were in Wisconsin watching it with my folks) and the second game was yesterday (used it as a bribe to do a lot of packing) so I'm not too far behind.

Just wanted to share some soccer goodness with the blog. US Soccer gave us the beauty above.

Favorite Moment: Chulpney's beautiful bending ball in front of the goal that allowed Wambach to do what we all love to see her do- hit it hard on her head into the back of the net. A thing of beauty.

Least Favorite Moment: O'Reilly's nervousness which I believe costed her some goals. She needs to look up and see the goal before she shoots. But she was trying!

Player Most Missed: Lilly or Boxx, it's a toss up.

Times Wagner mentioned sticking her head into a bucket of beer: 0 (but once last game)

Times my girlfriend was jealous of my drooling over Captain Wambach: 1,2, maybe? Fewer than expected. : )

I miss Julie Foudy...but that's me. Glad to see her commenting on the World Cup.
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