Monday, July 31, 2006


hearing music I like

I love music- mainly (contemporary) folk and new/bluegrass type stuff. I also like a bunch of my mom's music (older folk types, well known like James Taylor and lesser known like Steve Goodman) and some classical. Though I'm picky about music (shocking, I know) and bad about remembering names of artists and songs there is some country and some rap that I like a lot. I can sometimes singalong at the grocery store, but rarely do I like the sort of music played.

Yesterday however, something cool happened. N and I were walking out of Target and I heard a familiar guitar opening. I stop dead in my tracks and sing "Again I'm squinting, my demons are back and they're so convincing..." SAM SHABER. At Target. It was exciting. I danced and sang the whole way out. I wonder how she ended up on the mix... I know that song (Eldorado) is the single that she was trying to sell... I'll have to look into it

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