Thursday, August 17, 2006


laughing hysterically (and having to catch up!)

So many adventures in the last few weeks. the highlights include:
-no job yet (waiting for "midyear vacancies" begining Sept. 1)
-visit to N's family on Cape Cod (including Tofu and beautiful blue sea at PTown)
(more on this later, I promise)
-The Rittenhouse House "defects" list
-Restaurant (Ceiba- yummy. I had the seafood soup. This is not a surprise. If there's one on the menu I'm eating it.)

And for the laughing hysterically... If you know what this photo represents, you can be friends with David (who plays bassoon with my symphonic band, who doesn't want to be friends with a bassoonist?!?!). He's cute (and single boys!!!)

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