Monday, September 18, 2006


Queer-Jewish Identity

I saw Leslea Newman at the DCJCC today. The lit festival. She was talking about JewishQueer identity politics with two other doubleyblessed folks (though most said, not double! triple at least!!!)- Lev Raphel (he's the son of 2 holocaust survivors too) and Michael Lowenthal. It was... slightly disapointing I must say. I mean the reason why I go to see this stuff is to hear writers talking about writing. And this was just a bunch of queer jews talking about dual identity. which i didn't need to go to a literary festival to see. I mean. That's what I have the Jewbians for, right? Whatever. I love Leslea's writing- very very very authentic (and she mentioned something about that- something along the lines of her needing to come to terms with her jewishness if she was to come to terms with her queerness-- if she was going to accept the authentic lesbian leslea then she needed to accept the authentic total leslea- who was a Jew. I liked that.

Anyhow, that's what I've got to say about that right now. I'm going to think a bit more on the topic and right more when's it's not 1 in the morning. Ugh. A week a nightmares and now I've decided to become and insomniac? Oy.

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