Friday, September 29, 2006


Spring Planting

No really, I've been planting and buying plants for spring. And it isn't officially fall yet. And I don't want fall to go away (because I love fall, I mean, all of me but my sinuses, but whatever) or life to move too fast (it does that on its own, I do not need to encourage it). But I would love to wake up next spring and have a garden. Not just soil that needs to be weeded (and de-clayed, but that's a whole 'nother story). So here are pictures of everything I've planted or will plant before frost. Except my butterfly bush. Because I can't find the exact picture. But it's dark magenta colored and small at the moment. Does anyone know if you're suposed to dead-head butterfly bushes? I have been because otherwise the old ugly spent points just sit there in perpetuity. Let me know. My father can't answer this one and neither can the internet. And if it's stumped Dad and google it may be a question no one's answered before.

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