Sunday, October 22, 2006



I have a job! A real, live, full time teaching job!!!! TESOL, of course, since that's what my degree will eventually be in.

The school is great, the principal is full of energy and she's "thrilled" to have me on board. I'm going to be spending the majority of my time working in the second grade classroom (push in) and the rest TBA. It's a public school in DC but it's pretty a-typical--- low percentage of students recieve free or reduced price lunch and a high percentage of test-passers (high enough that the Principal doesn't count testing as one of her priorities- shocking, really, for post-NCLB...) It's not the school I expected but I am excited and think it'll be a great place to have a start in education. It's great that she's giving me a chance- and hey, maybe I'll have a use for my teeny bit of Russian (finally!).

Hopefully I start the 29th...

Will let you know!!!!!

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