Tuesday, October 31, 2006



So it's Halloween and I'm not yet teaching- I sorta thought today would be the day. Pretty much I'm waiting for HR to figure process me so I can take my oath and get fingerprinted (in that order??) so I can start. ::sigh:: My principal is super supportive and I know that she wants me in ASAP so I'm just trying to be patient and doing whatever she tells me to do to further my case at HR (which is hard and of course I'm not supposed to talk about work here but let me just say, HR voicemails... always, always, always full). ::sigh::

So maybe this week? I hope so- all good and positive in-the-classroom thoughts are appreciated.

I am excited, but anxious about the whole thing. I'm a new teacher. I know I'll be spending about 50% of my time with the second grade- I've met with the teacher (Ms. K) and spent some time with the kids- I hope that the co-teaching and supportive teaching and scaffolding goes well and that Ms. K and I get along. I am planning on going in and staying humble- always important for me. :)

On the non-teaching side:

-My irises (planted about a month ago) are sprouting in the front garden. oy.
-We did not carve the pumpkins. Yet. Maybe I will tonight before N gets home.
-We did have an amazing amazing amazing dinner last night at Rasika. I'll write a little review in a separate post. N took me to celebrate my impending employment. Thanks sweetie!
-I'm making a special halloween dinner- Brazilian Black Bean Soup (the recipe I use is from the -New Edition of the Moosewood Cookbook and it has carrots in it) and Pumpkin Muffins that we have left over from the housewarming.

One last thing. We had a fabulous, boring weekend. We went to a sortaboring Halloween Party (as Ernie and Bert) and just hung around the house- just loving being here and being together and it being pretty outside. I want more fabulous boring weekends just like that. mmmmmm. : )

So I'm off to on a walk. Will post the mini-review too! : )

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