Monday, October 16, 2006


lots of stuff

Haven't updated in a while and I'm sorry about that. The job hunt continues to escalate and I'll let you know when I've recieved/accepted offers, startdates, etc. I hope. We've had visitors (including my mom this weekend), we're planning a house warming (this weekend!) and I've been doing some work in the garden. It's been fun, just busy. My class is going pretty well but it's not particularly invigorating....

but until I am more inspired to blog here's an interview by the Daily Pennsylvanian with Dan Savage. I really like the books he's written (Hey! Amazon's selling these in the Bargain Bin! 6 bucks! Get 'em while they're hot!)- you might know him better as the syndicated sex-advice columnist whose campaign leads here:

Though vulgar, he's a smart cookie (really, read his books to see what I mean) on marriage. And no, I do not endorse anyone being dragged behind a pickup truck, at least Dan Savage gets the irony of the recommendation. And Santorum, if anyone, deserves a foe like Savage.

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