Tuesday, October 31, 2006


(or at) Rasika

After seating us a little late (about 35 minutes after our reservation) the owner, Ashok Bajaj (also of the Bombay Club and the Oval Room) brought us complimentary some appetizers quickly (we asked him to pick and he picked well- the spicy and flavorful Reshmi Kabob and the quirky deconstruction that is the Palak Chaat (um, yum!) to make up for the inconvience. Our waiter was a sweetheart and told us we ordered perfectly (Goa Shrimp Curry- the shrimp were delicious and enormous; Palak Paneer- creamy but not too rich, earthy tasting; Dal Markhani- the best lentils ever; and the Bread Basket). We asked him to pair a wine with the shrimp and he did. perfectly--- and it was the cheapest wine on the menu (all the wines are boutique so I was glad to have the help- this wine from South Africa was a combo of Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio grapes and was soft, medium bodied and a little sweet. It was refreshing, a little citrusy and went perfectly with the spicy, lemony shrimp curry.) I was shocked that he offered the least expensive wine on the list. Not that it was that cheap ($7 a glass); but by the fact that he cared enough to get us the BEST wine for the meal, not the most expensive just adds to the professionalism and the deep love of food and wine. He also recomended his favorite dessert- a fried apple with cardamom ice cream- not something I loved, but I was already full from dinner so N got to choose). We also had drinks at the bar while we were waiting for a table- N chose a yummy,yummy,yummy pomegranate margarita and I got a gin and homemade ginger syrup martini. : )

What a gentleman Mr. Bajaj was- he even insisted on helping us on with our coats (N was a little confused as he would not give her the coat, instead holding it out to put it on her. I had to say "Honey, he's helping you put on your coat" cute : ) As he was helping with the coats (nearly 2 hours after we were seated) he was still apologizing for the lateness of our seating. Dude, you made up for it. The food was great, your staff was great, you are a charmer and a half. Don't sweat it : )

Deserved all 3 stars Tom Sietsema gave it in the Fall Dining Guide.

When are we going back N?

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