Thursday, November 02, 2006


new disability blogs

This is very cool- I'll be adding blogs from here to my sidebar as soon as I find some I like- very neat AOL.

Happy Disability Employment Awareness Month (hey, it's good to be aware........)


AOL Introduces Blog Targeting People with Disabilities
"AOL Ability" Site Provides Specialized Content in the Areas ofEmployment, Entertainment, News, Family, Health and TechnologyAvailable October 2006:

In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, AOL has
introduced a new AOL Ability blog site and forum( dedicated to millions of people with disabilities, and their families, friends and colleagues.Designed to provide focused content for people with disabilities and to heighten disability awareness with mainstream audiences, the AOL Abilityblog will bring together relevant news, stories and information in thekey areas of employment, entertainment, family, health and technology.AOL is partnering with The Paciello Group (TPG, and recruiting bloggers from the disability community to provide the majority of content in these areas.By reengineering corporate software, TPG is focused on results tosupport technology vendors, government agencies, e-commercecorporations, and educational institutions to build community, foster interaction through social networking and deliver accessible communication services to make their technology equally accessible to all people with (and without) disabilities.The site incorporates specific features to increase accessibility among users with disabilities and functional limitations including the ability to select a high contrast view (yellow text on a black background) and increase fonts to a larger text size for blind and low vision users."Our goal with the AOL Ability blog is to provide a unique venue wherepeople with disabilities, family members, friends and the generalaudience can come together to share information, access resources andview disability in a positive light," says Tom Wlodkowski, AOL's director of accessibility. "The goal shared by TPG and AOL to provide a dynamic "port-of-entry"into the world of blogging for people with disabilities of all ages isthe cornerstone of the AOL Ability concept," said Mike Paciello, founderand principal of The Paciello Group (TPG). The AOL(r) Ability blog also provides links to other resources on theAOL(r) network that offer additional features for people with disabilities, including direct access to free, daily CNN videos withclosed captions from the AOL(r) Video portal ( to enhance the online media experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As the AOL Ability virtual community grows and evolves, so will the Website with more features that are important and impactful to those withdisabilities. The AOL Ability blog is an extension of AOL's Accessibility Policy, acompany wide priority that aims to address and meet the technology needsof people with disabilities. More information on AOL's accessibility efforts is available at

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