Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Teaching (pt. 1)

So my best friend from high school called me today. and emailed. wondering where I've been. I looked back in my calendar and email and oh my goodness- I've been totally MIA for 2 weeks.

Where have I been? Work! Yippee!

Tomorrow will be my 6th day of teaching and so far it's been pretty good. I'm glad to be at the school. I'm learning to be much much much more flexible (and I was pretty flexible to begin with). I'm hoping to finally finalize my schedule (as an ESOL teacher I can, in theory, service PK-6). It looks like I'll be doing almost all push-in. This is good since there isn't room for me to pull out. Most time will be in 2nd grade, topped off with some 3rd and 4th grade writing. I'm also going to do some behavior mod with some PK and Kindergardeners. We'll see. My coworkers seem nice and are super welcoming. I like the kids a lot and am looking forward to building stronger relationships with all of them. : )

Anyhow. Teaching means I need to get up early. I'll post teaching pt 2, etc. I'm sure.

Any teachers out there want to send me advice? : )

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