Thursday, November 09, 2006


Team Sports (or Politics!)

Yehaw Dems!

Well, the hometown just got a bit friendlier. As you may know I am afraid of jinxing things so I wasn't even holding out for a house takeover, let alone the senate. Some might call me a cynic but I'd just rather be pleasantly surprised than to be disapointed.

::sigh:: I'm super excited about the committee and subcommittee leadership changes--- strict corporate oversight, reapeal of tax cuts for the super-rich, control of the judiciary committee (try to pass those nasty anti-choice, anti-gay court nominees W, just try). NCLB needs to be reauthorized in 2007- hopefully we'll have some good changes to this hefty and unfortunate education law.

Speaking of education. I got fingerprinted today. FINALLY!!!! All I need to do now is take my oath and I'll be able to teach- yippee! By next Friday I hope. Not by Halloween (as I originally expected) but it's looking more and more likely that I'll be in well before Thanksgiving.
PHEW. I won't talk to bad about this process with HR, but it was a bit of a nightmare (to say the least). I am sending a letter to our mayor-elect who wants to fix DCPS. Mr. Fenty, look out for this one.

Anyhow, on to basking about the Senate. My dad arrives tomorrow and he and I and N are going to my cousin Amy's wedding up in Columbia. It should be interesting.


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