Thursday, January 25, 2007


Being Discovered and Having to Explain Myself

Well it was only a matter of time, about as much time as it takes to Google "jewbian" in fact, you can find me. This is nice. I guess I've always been a bit lonely over here writing to myself and my loyal followers (um, my best friend, and some of the people I've put in my sidebar). But you know, not even N reads this blog. So I was kinda surprised when my new work friend mentioned that she googled jewbian and found this pretty little blog. Does that mean that all the other NJGs signing up for our group are also googling and finding me? Wow. I should behave better. Or post more often. Or at least tell entertaining stories or tell dirty jokes. Well, maybe not dirty jokes. Don't want to send the wrong impression to the new coworker right?

So now I feel like I need to explain myself. Are you listening coworker A and girlfriend M? What's with all the baby blogs. Right? You've got to be wondering what my little nagging thing is with mommies... Mostly queers, but not all. I'm not pregnant/adopting/planning (nor is the N), not in the ballpark, not even in the same city as the ball park... What I am is curious about families. The different ways that families document themselves and how they see themselves. Also I think babies are cute and make for good conversation. I didn't grow up with any kids with queer parents and I don't have that many good queer coupled role models. I want to see it done. I want to see the problems and the perils. I want to know what I'm in for (in 5+ years). I want to see "normal" "functioning" boring families that look queer or biracial or multicultural, or big and loud and whatever else. I like to see the similarities in all the moms- straight moms, queer moms, city moms, country moms, biracial or bicultural families, moms who adopt, moms who birth, moms who have partners who birth. Cute kids all around. Sweet sometimes, bad sometimes, but family all the same. It inspires me. Thanks mamas.

I see all these women as family and teachers- their blogs help me understand myself and our world. The writing is out of this world- these are women who can write! They help me see what sort of world I'll inherit when it's time for my own kiddos. So thanks blogging moms- I love your blogs. It's with envy that I keep you on my sidebar. You make me laugh and smile, you make me worry, you make me think. I don't mean to be (and hope I'm not) a stalker, just a lurker. I hope you know that each blog has made an impact on my life. Thanks for sharing your stories.

And welcome A and M to my blog. I wonder if you'll keep reading?

ahhhhh, you're making me blush! Thanks.



and, um, perhaps AI will be your ultimate route to mommyhood, as my word verification was, um: srtuup - looks a LOT like stirrup!
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