Thursday, February 01, 2007


Media Exposure

A good friend read my last blog post and brought up the question of media exposure for lesbians. I love love love love love After (weren't they changing there name? what happened? now they're part of logo... ok, whatever...) so I've been able to keep up to date on the portrail of lesbians on tv, in the movies, magazines, whatever. It isn't a good climate. So my friend's thought was that the internet is the cooshy place to see non-scary representitives of my "own kind" that's neither the L Word or Rosie or One Tree Hill. Interesting thought. Nice work other JT : )

Speaking of media exposure what do you all think of this Mary Cheney stuff. She freaks me out a little bit. Will W send a shower gift? Will she Easter Egg Roll with the other Family Pride folk? If the kid grows up and joins COLLAGE will she be scorned? It's weird. But republican queers, especially republican lesbians, freak me out. I've got to blame it on self-hatred and denial but then again maybe I'm just making excuses... I let this blog post sit all night on my computer (oh! two nights!) so I guess it's time to post.

Happy birthday N. I love you!

One more day left for this week. Hopefully A will eat fewer cupcakes at work tomorrow (you should have seen her flying down the stairs this afternoon M : ) Double hopeful that we'll get a little frosting of the non-cupcake kind.

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