Tuesday, February 27, 2007


the rebirth of the WUSA! (?)

Could it be?
Press release from the Freedom (W-League version):
Pro League Plans for Relaunch in 2008

Ownership groups representing franchises in six major U.S. cities have signed letters of intent to become charter members of the Women’s Soccer Initiative, Inc.’s effort to launch a new professional women’s soccer league.

WSII CEO Tonya Antonucci announced the signings today and said the league anticipates a Spring 2008 launch, timed to capitalize on interest built during the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup in China in September.

The Washington Freedom will of course be one of those teams. For the full press release, http://www.washingtonfreedom.com/news.asp

Man, this would be great. But I hope they move into the city (maybe into DC United's new stadium once the Nats move to their new stadium-- gee, a lot would have to fall into place but at least there's hope. I'd hate to miss Freedom games because they're still playing out in Gathersburg at the Soccerplex. Blech.

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