Monday, February 26, 2007



I love the type of weekends where we just hang out and don't plan to have a billion things to do. Sure, the Jewbian Iron Chef that we hosted the weekend before last was great (though I'll never look at a Beet in the same way again), but these relaxed, read the paper, take a walk, run some low-pressure errands weekends? The. Best.

Friday night we made some barley vegetable soup and watched The Shipping News and had some beer from the U.P. Michigander beer, dark cold movie on a dark cold night with soup and snuggling on the couch with the kitties? ::sigh::

Saturday we slept in, (she more than I, but I stayed in bed and read which, for me, is pure heaven) had blueberry pancakes* and walked to Takoma Park to pick up the Flexcar. Love Flexcar. Ran errands (Trader Joes was wildly crowded, PetSmart, Ace Hardware for weatherproofing materials- better late than never) and then ran home, had a cup of the before mentioned soup and then went downtown to Chinatown. The plan was to get a drink and go to synagogue (yeah, I know, in retrospect this may not have been the best pre-havdallah idea ever, but hey). We got the drink and went to the movies. We are bad jews. But the service wasn't really supposedly a service, more like a talk and a social justice call to arms. Sounds great! Would have enjoyed it. But too sobering (literally, good pun JT and I didn't even mean it!) post margarita (me) and mango mojito (her). So yes, we went and saw Breach. It was great. Laura Linney was great (omg, she really got into the character of Federal Employee... the lines about TV dinners and no cat were great!) and so was Ryan Phillippe. Even sitting in the second row (ooof! it was a last minute ticket purchase, the movie was nearly sold out!) was wonderful. We took the bus home, had a midnight snack and slept really well.

Sunday we watched the beautiful snow cover our new bird feeder and our maple. We had steel cut oatmeal with Meet the Press. I did my grammar homework and N talked to her folks- both not the most fun it in of themselves, but nothing was going to make yesterday a bad day. We talked budget and savings and does this happen to anyone else? The talk turned romantic. Not sex, that's not what I'm talking about (here at least), but talking about finance suddenly turned into a MRT (or major relationship talk). Ok, well, I am a bankers daughter so I guess I can't help myself. All I can say is that we have solidified things even more and that I'm very very very happy. And a little speechless. Those of you who know me in real life would be shocked seeing me so humbled, shy and speechless. and blushing. It takes a special situation to turn these cheeks pink : )

Anyhow, after that day and that weekend, how could we go back to work? We did. But I still can't wait to get home and plan some more unplanned out weekends.

*Hey, next summer, when organic blueberries are on sale at the grocery store, or at the farmer's market, buy a lot. Freeze 'em (grocery store ones freeze perfectly in the plastic containers they come in. Defrost 'em and add liberally to pancakes, steel cut oats (oh yum) or whatever.... : )

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