Friday, March 23, 2007


Blooming Trees and Flowers (almost!)

Yay for the blooms! My birthday is always during cherry blossom season (aren't I lucky?) This year the peak is two days before my 26th. I have that whole week off of school and plan on spending most of the time I have free somewhere surrounded by cherry blossoms. Sadly there will be no sushi under the trees this year until after Pesach ends, but I can wait : ) I'm so excited.

Speaking of blooms, things are popping up in my garden. I'm so excited to see what was not eaten over the winter (the crocuses were definitely all consumed). I'm still waiting for my seeds to arrive. Supposedly there was a back up at the Seeds of Change facility. This stinks- I think I may be too late to start the snap peas but we'll see. If N and I are feeling better on Sunday we're going to go get stuff for the square foot garden and compost pen this weekend. Send good healthy vibes this way. I was out of work all week (this is unheard of for me) and N is just starting to come down from the adrenaline high from her IGJ event and is starting to feel the nasty bug herself. Poor kid. My ear is killing me and I'm tilting right-- weird how important the inner ear is, isn't it?

ah, cherry blossom peak the day before i head westward! i may get off the chinatown bus from NY and head down to see them in bloom that afternoon - want to join me? :)
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