Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Did I mention that N started an important government job (IGJ) a few months ago? The pinnacle of this IGJ comes today. Meaning, primarily, I've seen N more on cspan this week than in person. Thought having her working weekends, every night until 9 (or ten, or 12 or like last night, 2 (!) ) sucks I am very proud of her. She's been under a whole bunch of pressure because of how fast this all revved up but I think she's handling it with a ton of class. Yay for N.

I got kicked in the butt by some nasty virus and have been out of school for 3 days. Went to the doctor today and got some cough meds and an antibiotic. I do not like to be sick. Anyhow, the cats are no good getting me tea and soup so I've had to do it myself. Next time I get sick it will not be during this important time of the year for the IGJ... or I'm getting cats who know how to boil water.

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