Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Saving the Cookie! and thinking about R's Brain and some beasts


Sign the petition to help Midwest Airlines from a hostile takeover! A very good airline with the added bonus of the wafting odor of chocolate chip cookies mid-flight. It's enough to take N's mind off of her,uh, dislike of flying.

So... Coworker A is impressed that I update this blog at all but she still sounded a bit disapointed. And no one wants to disapoint their favorite first grade teacher. She's helping out the cause by lending me The Other Mother (the book, not Robin the blogger who's blog I have listed here, though she does have an essay in the book). Look out for a special blog on this for Blogging for LGBT Families Day (June 1).

A little bit of sad news, but my dear friend and former coworker Rae is ill again from the same cancer she was just recovering from when I first met her 3 and a half years ago. Other than being a rockin' gal, her major claim to fame is that Dar Williams wrote the song "Iowa" when she (Dar) was driving to visit her (my friend). Dude. That's just awesome. : ) She also gets major points for being the hotline director for a large, well-known, prochoice organization. Big healthy happy, anti-cancer thoughts go out to R.

Cancer sucks folk, cancer sucks. Did you know my mom is a two time survivor of B*east Cancer? (oooh, I like that! Beast Cancer!) First time I was a little one (4th grade) and second time I was in college. I can repeat. Cancer sucks. Whenever someone is sick I think of my mom, I think of her mom (who died of Ovar*an Cancer), my other grandmother (B*east Cancer once again) my mom's cousin M (B*easts). And then of course I think about my own set. And N's. And I worry. I nag at her to check, check, check all the time. Now that the Genetic Discrimination Bill has passed congress I'm considering the test for "The Gene" Has anyone done this? Why did you choose (or not choose) to. I've got to go with Emilin from Name that Mama and assume that I'm going to get it sometime. Isn't that the safest way? Or is it just weird and depressing? For me, I guess, it's more like reality. It's not dark or morose, just probable. If you think this is a little weird, join my girlfriend. But between my mom and my brother's longterm illness I have a better sense of mortality, sickness and genetics than I should. It sucks when people you love are sick. End of story on that one.

I guess I did have a lot to say. And it wasn't all about the cookie...

More lighthearted garden pictures to come : )

I know one person who had a propholactic mastectomy after both her mother and sister passed from the "beast cancer."

My step-mom is currently battling it.

yeah, it sucks.
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