Monday, June 04, 2007



This is actually our second harvest. We had some baby rainbow chard and some radishes about two weeks ago. But look at these SUGAR SNAP PEAS!!!! I'm so excited! They must have appeared yesterday when it was raining buckets. YAY for peas! The square foot garden is doing sooooo well even though it looks like a jungle. The herbs are looking great, the borage and some flowers are ready to bloom. There are flowers on the eggplant plant and a baby yellow bell pepper. I'll take and post some pictures of the whole contraption tomorrow. Yippee for gardening!

And I realized there have been no pet pictures up on this blog. What kind of lesbian am I? So here are the cats- Rosie and Guildy (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, don't blame me for the names, I had nothing to do with 'em). Tomorrow I'll add a guinea pig shot as well. Eloise deserves as much airtime as her feline brothers.

Guildy (aka Shmern) on his way to a nap. Surprisingly he isn't kneading. Generally that's what he does.

Rosie on the prowl

sorry, but could you send my Quincy-beast back on over here, please! ;)
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