Saturday, June 16, 2007



We had a nice weekend up in Cambridge for N's 10th college reunion. I got to meet some of her rooming group friends, sleep in a Harvard Dorm (ooooh, man for a place with such a huge endowment, you'd think the beds would be a little more comfortable), and meet many a little kid. It seems that about 8-10 years after you graduate from college, you procreate. A lot. Whoa. I like kids and for the love of Pete, I work in an elementary school but this amount of 3 and unders in a tent? It was a bit scary. Birth control, actually... We had dinner at an overly crowded Spanish restaurant (can I say Spanish-themed since the waiter handed us our menus saying- uno, dos, tres and then spoke to us in english for the rest of the meal?) with the rooming group buddies (and three birthday gatherings and a bachelorette party, but that was unplanned). The next day we spent time at K and H's in Quincy with their two boys. I build a broken bridge with L (age 3) who was really the chattiest little kid I've ever met and had to have the 9 month old peeled from me. K's lucky she got her baby back : ) We ate amazing banana pancakes and the girls reunited. N had a nice time and so did I. I don't like Logan Airport and I don't like Air T*ran and I'm going to leave our reflight to your imagination. Except to say we got a set of free round trip tix in the deal. :)

This was the last week of school. I'm not ready to post about it yet but I will. I'm relieved, sad, excited and proud of myself. It turns out that I'm happy at my school but it's so so so complicated. I'm off this week before the crunch to end my cert happens next week. Here's a picture of the Charles River. It was the day of the Dragon Boat Races in Cambridge. Wish we'd have seen 'em.

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