Friday, August 31, 2007



Ahhh, Labor Day Weekend. The slight reprieve between the first and second week of school. Ahhhh.

August was a pretty good month, all things considered. When people ask me "How was your summer" I've been saying pretty much, "The worst of the worst, the best of the best" By now, you know that my brother passed away. N and I had to decide if we were going to keep our plans for our summer travels to Cape Cod to see her folks (with a bonus day in Ptown) and Chincoteague Island (a week long beach trip we'd been talking about and planning for half a year).

We decided to go. And in Ptown we got engaged. (!)
N really is the best of the best. It was heaven to spend downtime with her at our favorite place- the ocean. I never thought I'd find a bigger beach bum than I. She matches my enthusiasm for big waves, endless beach reading, seafood and minigolf. : )

So did I mention we got engaged? Some parts, but not all, were planned in advance. And I mean in advance of this whole strange summer.

We did decide to wait to tell our parents until after the period of sloshim (or 30 days from the date of the burial, the mourning period for close family.) Now that they know (and now that N's folks know) they are all pretty excited. I'm surprised that, my parents at least, were caught off guard. My mom, I think is looking forward to being a mother of one of the brides. She thought it never would happen (dude, mom, I'm only 26! Not really an old maid thank you very much!)

Anyhow, this is about reflection, I guess, which is interesting because it's the same work I've been doing with the fourth graders at school.

Oh yeah school. Planning. Oy. I guess that's why I'm posting on Tuesday. : )

Assateague Wild Ponies

Crashing waves

Assateague Lighthouse

What's my minigolf handicap again?!


Sunset (see the lighthouse in the background?)

So much wild life! Deer! Rabbits! Birds! Butterflies!

Here's the Ptown Lighthouse as seen from the Jetty at the end of the arm (This is the spot!)

View from the jetty.

Here are our rings, newly exchanged, from the jetty!

Hey, by the way, our jeweler, Leber, was awesome. Conflict free stones and recycled materials. Don't want to start out a partnership with blood diamonds, now do we?!? : )

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