Monday, September 03, 2007


Celebrating Us

As posted on the Jewbian Listserv (it's better than an engagement announcement in the Times!):

Sun Sep 2, 2007 8:58 pm (PST)
Simcha Announcement!

NJG-DC is not a singles group, but several Jewbians have met girlfriends and partners through the group and formed wonderful couples in the two and a half years since it was founded. I'm thrilled to announce that we now have our very first engagement! Steering committee members JT and N(*name removed for privacy) -- who met at one of the very first NJG-DC happy hours -- plan to be married by a rabbi next fall. Meanwhile, they are living in sin and hosting a Rosh Hashanah dinner for the group at their home, so be sure to wish them mazel tov if you attend!

On behalf of all of NJG-DC, I just wanted to publicly wish them the best...It couldn't happen to two nicer people.


More details added below!

yay!!! i'm so happy for you both :)
now for a year of exchanging planning information...
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