Wednesday, January 02, 2008



I'm here with guest commentator N. (Everybody wave and make N feel at home!)

We are now officially DP-ed, as in Domestically Partnered. We didn't expect much from the DC Department of Vital Records and well, to be honest, it was a strange experience. Very quick, pretty easy (by DC government standards) and we got two pretty blue-bordered forms proclaiming N as partner 1 and JT as partner 2. We were giddy and had some guy take our picture. Probably the happiest people in the place. We are DP number 8415, which doesn't seem like that many but the law has only been around for a few years. We feel very very lucky that we live in a place that allows us to register and get many of the rights of married people (tax filing in the district, medical decision making, see DC for Marriage for more info).

And how do we feel? We feel glorious and overwhelmed and lovey and renewed. When we look at each other we giggle. Quite ridiculous actually, but lovely. It's a great way to begin our wedding year.

We wondered if there was a DP version of "you may now kiss the bride" As much as I hate the unromantic, unsexy word "partner" (see my previous post on this issue) I was kinda hoping there'd be some sort of pronouncement, something other than "$45 made out the DC Treasurer" Hey DC Registrar! How about "and you may now do-si-do your partner?"

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