Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Saying goodbye and starting over

If anything could be a spark to get me back on the blogging bandwagon, it would be two deaths of two brilliant women, Rachel Falls, my former supervisor at NAF Hotline, and Del Martin, activist and author. Rachel was a phenomenal human being, a mentor to many, a bright light in the pro-choice community, and in my life. And, supposedly, Dar Williams wrote the song "Iowa" when she was driving out to visit her (in Iown, of course). What an amazing and clever woman and a great loss to all of us.

As for Del, have you ever read Lesbian/Woman? Classic. Historical. Something all queer women (and men, and throw in some straights too) should read. We need to know our history to understand our present. We're not talking ancient history- we're talking recent friends. Thank you Del for your bravery. I hold it in my heart everyday.

So here my blog is in a crossroads. I think I'll try again. It's a new school year, and I can make a school year resolution, right? I want to blog again. It's good for me and by golly, I like it. (Hey other teacher-friends- happy new school year! I'm ready for Saturday, aren't you?)

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